What is Energy Healing?

We now know that humans are composed of energy in a series of overlapping fields. All people have an emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body as well as a physical body. Each of the levels of energy vibrate at increasingly higher frequencies. The physical body that can be seen, touched, smelled, and heard is really the most dense level of our energy, and is created according to information received from the non-physical fields.

Energy healing is the repair, cleansing, and restructuring of the human energy field to facilitate health on all levels.

Energy Field (Aura) Health

Most of us are unaware of the health of our auras or life energy.  We go about our daily business without ever giving a second thought to a very vital part of our lives.  For the majority of people auras are intangible and invisible.  The notion of life energy is purely an idea or abstract concept, not a thing that can be monitored and measured easily like blood pressure or insulin levels. Yet life energy or auras are just as real and important as any other measurement of our health and well being.

The aura is essential to healing because it is the first place you generate health.  You must first change the energy in your aura to create the health you desire.  When we become ill, the aura becomes discolored. The primary color of illness in the aura is gray.  Gray indicates a depletion of spiritual power in the affected area of the body.  Except in cases of accidents and physical injury, these unhealthy energies actually show themselves in the aura before the physical illness appears.  By healing the aura before the illness manifests, we can alleviate many maladies.

About Christiane

Energy Picture of ChristianeChristiane Gamble has been working with healing energy since 2009 when she became attuned to Reiki Level 1.  One year later she became attuned to Reiki Level 2 and then life began to change.  All that was no longer in her highest good began to fall away.  She got laid off from a job that she’d held for six years.  Many of her friends started falling away as her vibration raised and no longer matched theirs.  But many new friends came into her life that were more a vibrational match to hers.  An avid reader, she read and learned from people like Doreen Virtue, Lee Carroll (Kryon), Lynne McTaggart, Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham), and Edgar Casey.

Christiane soon became aware of more energy other than Reiki flowing through her.  Through attending hundreds of Ceremonies of Light that her friend Zedrouh Reich facilitates, Christiane became attuned to the Enzanic Energies of Healing.  These Energies come through her as frequencies of healing colors.  An ancient modality that she has used during many lifetimes surfaced and she has now brought it forth once again in this lifetime.  It is called Auric  Therapy.  Auric Therapy cleanses and purifies your energy field.  Many things can affect your energy field such as electromagnetic emissions in the environment (as from computers, cell phones, medical equipment, and electric power lines), chemicals that we ingest and also energy junk.  Our fields pick up the errant patterning that can later become literal dysfunction.  Our energy field shifts around to encapsulate the offending energy which then throws are whole field out of alignment. Our consciousness is part of the subtle energy field so consciousness can be affected as well.  Auric Therapy brings you into alignment with your higher self to allow physical and emotional healing to occur and leaves you with a tremendous feeling of well being.

During a session, which lasts 60 minutes, you are lying fully dressed on a comfortable massage table while soft relaxing music is playing.  Christiane gently works in your energy field to cleanse and purify the auric layers. Christiane is guided to focus on blocked or unbalanced chakras or other areas of the body that may need attention. Each session is unique to the individual.  Most clients become so relaxed that they fall asleep.  Many report that they have a great sense of peace after a session.  Find out what others have said about a session with Christiane here.

Auric Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive healing alternative that works very well in conjunction with other medical and holistic practices and is safe for anyone to experience.  It is an integrative part of a wellness program that can be set-up for you.  In conjunction with your current regimen, the sessions are great for pain management and pain elimination, stress relief, depression, weight loss, cancer, heart disease, addiction, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Please click here to set-up a time for consultation to see how Christiane can help you.

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Energy Exchange:

Introductory Session: $50.00 for 30 minutes

$150.00 for Full Auric Therapy Session