Christiane also made, with the help of Zedrouh Reich, this five-sided pyramid. It’s name is Angosteen and it channels the energy of higher truth. She uses this pyramid in the healing sessions to create an energy that is conducive to allowing for the acceptance of higher truths. Everyone has beliefs that they consider to be their truths. As you awaken, those beliefs will change to higher and higher truths that possibly could not be accepted before. This allows for growth of the individual and is vital on the journey of self-awareness.

Christiane has been attuned to the Enzanic Energies of Healing and uses these energies in her work as well. The Enzanic Energies of Healing cleanse and purify the physical, soul and auric bodies, restore balance and cooperation in the ego and ultimately provide access to the limitless wells of pure and perfect source energy of the Divine.

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