“Thanking God for the gift of healing that I received through you on Saturday the 7th.  Blessings of light be unto you.”

Michael S., Sachse, TX


“Hi. I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding my Distance Healing Energy I have received from you. I LOVE IT! I was somewhat skeptical at first since you are in Texas and I am in New York, but I thought I should give it a try and boy am I glad I did. During one session I was sitting in my Lazy Boy chair and was so exhausted and fatigued, I didn’t know how I was going to pick my son up from school. While I laid in my chair to rest, I could see bright colors and images with my eyes closed. Within 30 minutes I felt so alive and awake, I didn’t know what to do.

It is like being on empty and getting a full tank with one of your sessions.

I will be recommending this to my friends as this treatment is so powerful and convenient. You don’t even need to leave the house.

Thank you again Christiane and thank you for being so punctual. Best of luck to you.”

Karen C. from New York


“I have received several remote energy healings and find them insightful and effective!  Christiane is passionate about serving and it shows through her work.  I’m grateful to have met her and to be the recipient of her gift.”

Susan W., San Antonio, TX


“I’ve called on Christiane for help with a number of issues through the past few years. She’s amazingly adept at easing pain and even when I go to her for pain relief, I’m always gifted with far more. Her beautifully powerful healing energies take me into a very deep relaxed state while she intuitively works with my physical and subtle bodies to get to the heart of the pain and other issues. I’m so grateful for all she does.”

Zedrouh Reich, The Sacred Songstress, Intuitive Sound and Energy Healer


I love Christiane’s healing energy work! My first session with her was very relaxing. I could feel waves of energy as she worked on me. The next day I felt tired and I think I was probably experiencing some cleansing symptoms. About five days later I passed three kidney stones in one day with virtually no pain! One stone was the largest I have ever passed! I have passed several stones in my life and they are all excruciatingly painful and I also have nausea and fever. But not this time! I could not believe that I had no pain. My second session with Christiane was also very healing. The night before my session, I began experiencing a lot of emotions and sadness. It was almost as if my body knew I was going to have a session the next day. Christiane listened to me talk about my feelings and she was very wise with spiritual understanding. She has a way about her that makes me feel very safe and that I can depend on her wisdom. The day after my session, I experienced extreme bliss and a deep connection to Divine Spirit. I was weeping with joy. I can’t wait for another session!

Debbie Martin, Dallas, TX


I’ve had several clients say that they have seen the Eye of Horus during their sessions with me.  I believe the following explains what they are seeing:

“As you awaken to your history, you will begin to open your ancient eyes.  These are the eyes of Horus, which see not through the eyes of a human being but from the point of view of a god.  They see the connectedness and purpose of all things, for the ancient eyes are able to see into many realities and to connect the whole picture, the whole history.  When you open the ancient eyes within yourselves, you will not only be able to connect with your own whole personal history, you will be able to connect with the planetary history, the galactic history, and the universal history.”

From Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak